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Febr. S9 aktuell nur noch etwa Euro. Aktuell wird das S9 für knapp Euro bei eBay angeboten. Samsung-Smartphones zum Top-Preis.
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Beim Saturn Montagsangebote ab 9. Falls ihr auch die Schnapp-des-Tages-Werbung gesehen habt: Ab Montag im Markt, schon heute online. Saturn-Werbung ab 1. Nur bis Samstag Denkt daran, dass es evtl. Unter die Saturn Montagsangebote am Waschmaschinen, Fernseher oder Smartphones sind allerdings diesmal nicht mit dabei.

Ein Saturn-Montagsangebot am Ein Kracher-Preis! Reichlich Deals aus der Werbung: Die Saturn Montagsangebote ab 9. Solange der Vorrat reicht. Ich habe aber folgenden Trick auf Lager: Als Saturn-Montagsangebot am Saturn Montagsangebot am Zum Thema Wasserfestigkeit kann man nur sagen: Saturn Montagsangebot bis Saturn-Montagsangebot am 7. Das Saturn-Montagsangebot am Bis mindestens diesen Montag Ist ja vielleicht was.

Als Saturn Montagsangebot bis Muss wirklich alles raus? Fest steht aber: Nur bis Montag Mehr als nur ein Saturn-Montagsangebot: Deal vom Galaxy S4 als Saturn-Montagsangebot bis Saturn Montagsangebote bis 1. Gibt es Saturn Montagsangebote am Kein richtiges Saturn Montagsangebot am Saturn Montagsangebote am Und genau so ist es: Neues Saturn Montagsangebot: Abgenickt von Tech-Nick: Das Saturn Montagsangebot vom Die Saturn Montagsangebote am Dieser wird mir i. Toll, ist im Online-Shop heute schon zu diesem Preis ausverkauft. Toller Service…….

The system performance could be a bit higher. The Galaxy A5 was originally shipped with Android 6. Another update to Android 8. Independent journalism is made possible by advertising. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible but we intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Please, switch off ad blockers and support us!

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At just 5. At the time of writing the Galaxy A8 was still officially running the slightly dated Android 7. We particularly liked the fact that the Galaxy A8 was water- and dust-proof, offered full Dual-SIM capabilities, a decent battery life, and good cameras. Its 6. And to top it off it all comes in a good-looking high-quality aluminum case. There were a few qualities worth highlighting, among others its long battery life, its decent camera, and its gaming extras.

Both front- and rear-facing cameras are of high quality and take more than just decent photos. Battery life was fairly long thanks to its 3, mAh battery. Wi-Fi performance was rather poor, though. Its fast cellular modem supported a wide variety of LTE frequencies but lacked support for Bluetooth 5. It comes equipped with a 5. Motorola's smartphone also supports a full-fledged dual-SIM functionality instead of the more common hybrid solution. The battery runtime in the review is good and the cameras take good pictures, only the trigger speed could be a bit faster.

The range of the WLAN is comparatively bad, too. We liked the good build quality, precise location, and the good cameras. There are also some drawbacks like the speakers and the small battery, even though the battery runtime is still more than decent. The European model is shipped with Android Pie. There is no global version, so you should use the local product so you get support for all the necessary frequencies.

The BQ Aquaris X2 is, contrary to its predecessor, very similar to its larger sibling and is equipped with the same dual-camera, which worked well in the review. The Spanish smartphone has a 5. The USB-C does not only use the modern connector, but also transfers data at 3. Fast updates via Android One are ensured as well.

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On the downside internal storage is limited to just 32 GB, but at least it can be expanded via microSD. Moto G Quelle: It offers snappy user experience, and excellent multimedia performance. On the other hand, its camera is disappointing. True, the phone is affordable, but then the Lumia offers an excellent camera at a similar price. The bigger concern however is the call quality, which of course is the primary task of a cellphone.


It's largely equivalent to the Sony Xperia SP, which is quicker in benchmarks, but not noticeably in day-to-day use, but has less battery life and only Android 4. The Motorola Moto G single-handedly says goodbye to compromised, sluggish budget smartphone and potentially kills off the mid-range competition too.

Simply put, if you're not buying a top-end handset, then the Moto G is the obvious choice. The best budget smartphone ever Quelle: Fantastic performance. Excellent value for the money. Great display is complemented by an ergonomic design. Decent battery life. Internal storage tops out at 16 GB, with no microSD card slot option. Camera is unsuitable for indoor or low-light photography. The 4. Most of all, praise be, the Moto G is also extremely affordable. This phone is definitely aimed at price-conscious Indian smartphone buyers, and its array of colourful back shells will attract the style-conscious as well.

At its price, we're willing to overlook its faults. As most will know Motorola are now part of Google and that gives them huge clout in the purchasing department so to match the components from wherever will be difficult or more likely impossible. The industrial design is simple and super-cute and I just wished that it was lighter. On the other hand, its shape feels very good in the hand and is comfortable to use. If you seek something more fancy at a great price, the Nexus 5 would be the next logical choice. It also belongs to an exclusive club of handsets which are running the latest build of Android, and has a great display and battery.

It's well-built, with a high-quality display, fast enough not to bother even us, and has a good battery life. It may not be the return I would have predicted - there's no flagship phone stuffed full of the latest tech - but arguably what the now Google-owned firm has done is even better. The Moto G is a top notch, low cost smartphone and I wholeheartedly recommend this as the best budget mobile currently on the market. I was genuinely impressed with the feature set on the Moto G, so if you're looking for a low cost phone you can stop searching - just go out and grab a Moto G right now.

The Galaxy S3 is a marginally better performer with a marginally better camera. But really these are two excellent smartphones that offer a glimpse of just how much phone you can get for relatively little cash these days. Whether it may have a similar effect on those who like to be seen as fashion conscious is another matter - brand name can outweigh price and value considerations. Personally I will be happy to be seen using a Moto G device. It has completely destroyed every other mid-range phone in the market with its specs: There simply should be no other Android phone to consider, unless you're looking for a top-end flagship or if a camera is top of your list of priorities.

Amazing form factor and near-stock Android. Unmatched performance in its price range. Swappable back plates let you switch colors. Grainy photos. No LTE. Only comes in 8GB and 16GB versions, with no way to expand storage. This smartphone offers smooth performance, good battery life and a crisp, 4.

We also like having a clean Android build; there's a KitKat update on the way in January. Moto G is the new baseline for Android quality Quelle: Moto G Review Quelle: While we expected the Moto X to be that groundbreaking off-contract smartphone that everyone saw coming since early , the Moto G is more than welcome to fill that space heading into This will certainly be a device to watch in the believe it or not emerging budget-minded smartphone market.

The Motorola Moto G, won't get gadget fans' heart's racing. What the G does offer though, is incredible value for money, and should be the go-to Android choice that tech-heads recommend to their friends this Christmas. Best budget Android smartphone there is? Must be the Moto G Quelle: Moto G review: Verizon, for one, has confirmed it will sell the G with prepaid plans starting early next year, while Canada's Telus will offer it for free on a two-year contract.

It isn't massively thin or light, but the handset sits nicely in the hand and is easy to operate one-handed. It may not be the return we would have predicted - there's no flagship phone stuffed full of the latest tech - but arguably what the now Google-owned firm has done is even better. The Moto G is a top notch, low cost smartphone and we wholeheartedly recommend this as the best budget mobile currently on the market. We were genuinely impressed with the feature set on the Moto G, so if you're looking for a low cost phone you can stop searching - just go out and grab a Moto G right now.

Nexus 5 vs Moto G comparison review: Which value smartphone should you buy? Those wanting a smartphone to do basic things and aren't so bothered about specifications will do fine with the Moto G while more advanced users will benefit from the hardware on offer from the Nexus 5. Motorola Moto G review: We were impressed by the screen, and speed, as well as the minimalist. Stay tuned for a full review. The best budget smartphone you can get Quelle: This all adds up to mean the Moto G outperforms phones currently retailing for twice its price. For this reason in our mind the Moto G is the ideal choice for any business looking for a mass rollout Android handset, despite a few limitations such as low storage and no 4G support.

Der Sommer naht und Motorola ist auf Sparkurs. Spitzenklasse 96 von Punkten. Motorola patzt an den falschen Stellen Quelle: Das Moto E ist in vielen Punkten ein gutes Smartphone. Verarbeitung und Kamera sind schwach. Gut, aber nicht konkurrenzlos Quelle: Lumia vs Moto E comparison: But come the new year when the Lumia is in town you will have a tough choice. It is likely that the Lumia will cost a little more. But it has better storage and camera, and a bigger if not sharper screen.

These are both great cheap phones - your choice will likely depend on your preference of Windows Phone or Android. But even as an Android user I'd say that when the Lumia is available it will likely be the better deal. Moto E price, specs, release date, features. The latest entry level phone offering from the company that first brought you a SmartPhone at a price that broke through the glass ceiling. Here is a smart phone that has corners cut to produce something acceptable at a lower price.

Moto G2 vs Moto E comparison review: New Moto G is worth the extra cash Quelle: The one caveat is that neither phone supports 4G so look elsewhere Moto G 4G, for example if this is a must. It is, however, a great entry-level handset that gives you all the necessities in a simple, functional package for a very attractive price.

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Nokia Lumia vs Motorola Moto E: Windows vs Android for best budget phone Quelle: And without that tired old Windows Phone lacks apps argument the Motorola Moto E doesn't have enough built-in storage to take full advantage of what Google Play and third-party developers have to offer , there is nothing that you might expect of a budget smartphone that either Windows Phone or Android are unable to do.

In many respects these two phones are very evenly matched. The Motorola Moto E stands out for its display, while the Nokia Lumia is the winner on the storage front. Motorola Moto E Quelle: Perhaps this feature will be implemented with the promised one major Android software update that Motorola made regarding this product. But it sits in a busy market, and one that's already dominated by Motorola. That, in part, is the Moto E's undoing, because we would still opt to spend a little more cash and buy the 4G Moto G instead.

But that can't detract from the Moto E's successes: Moto E Review: The company cut corners on the Moto X and focused on software, then cut even more corners with the Moto G and focused on price. With the Moto E, it's raced to lower depths and still managed to create a phone worth buying.

At that price, no other smartphone comes close. I'd recommend anyone considering a Moto E aim a little higher and get the Moto G if they can afford it, but for someone whose first priority is the budget, the Moto E is the best option. The camera is abysmal and the form is a little shaky, but the Moto E is good in so many other key areas that it's hard to not be impressed by how good a phone can be even when aiming to go downmarket. Motorola Moto E review: Have a break! It's not the best performer out there, but it packs a serious punch for the least amount of money.

We especially appreciated the unspoiled Android OS and the solid promise for timely updates. The camera is certainly a letdown, but not everybody needs a good camera. What everybody would get with the Moto E is a solid user experience and great bang-for-buck ratio, and that's what counts. Moto E review: The low-end phone that Android deserves Quelle: Just like the Moto G, it bests the competition in nearly every possible aspect, except for the camera, and makes other low-end devices feel downright awful.

Motorola Moto E Review: Flawed Affordability Quelle: Is this your primary phone? Despite the low price, when you factor in a phone bill, I think the answer is not yet. But if you want a beater phone to take adventuring, or need something to fill in for a broken device until you reach the end of your contract, this is a great option. No other Android handset from a top-tier manufacturer can currently compete with the Moto E.

Despite a few niggles, we would like to recommend for its sharp display and impressive performance. Plus, latest Android Kitkat further sweetens the deal. The only potential deal breaker here are the camera and shoddy craftsmanship. Nokia Lumia review - a cheap Windows Phone 8 smartphone with a lot to offer Quelle: Indeed, the chief thing to note is that these are both great handsets at a remarkably low price.

The Lumia is thinner and lighter, and comes in multiple colours. The Moto E is marginally cheaper and more powerful. And it has a bigger, better display. You will make your own choice, but for us the combination of that display and the greater flexibility of Android makes us choose the Moto E. The Moto G may have a better screen and a marginally better camera, but the Moto E has a longer-lasting battery and helpful new apps.

Whether you're looking to buy your child their first phone or just want a superb budget handset for yourself, the Moto E is an excellent choice and is a worthy alternative to the Moto G. Yes, we agree that the camera quality is poor and skipping the LED flash and front facing camera was a huge blunder. But in the end, Moto E proves to be a sturdy and nimble little smartphone with a solid build quality and decent performance capability.

You really shouldn't underestimate the sort of world-shaking power that can come from making something that's both very good and very cheap. Redefining the budget smartphone Quelle: It proves itself by being a great backup phone you can buy without issue off-contract and may be a good option for the first-time smartphone buyer.

The Moto E stays light on its feet and easy on the pocket, making it a low-end force to be reckoned with. The screen, software and design are great for the price. Your move, everyone else. The only sensible choice under Rs 10, Quelle: Motorola Moto E: Brill budget blower with one bothersome blunder Quelle: Motorola Moto E, First Take: Great value, but only one camera Quelle: Fresh Competition in the Budget Segment Quelle: It might have a bad camera, but in every other respect the Moto E trumps its competition by a large margin.

The only other smartphone that comes close is the Nokia Lumia review which runs Windows Phone 8, is more expensive, and has a limited number of applications in the app store. Motorola makes a compelling case for the end of the feature phone, but the Moto E will inevitably face limited appeal, at least here in the U. The Moto E is an ideal starter smartphone, though, and is far more polished than similarly priced competitors.

You get a pure Android experience in a compact and durable design. Plus, you can swap out the back cover for other colors if you're looking for a little more personality. However, there are some things missing here, such as a front camera, a flash for the back camera and LTE connectivity. Motorola Moto E hands-on review: Check back for a full review soon.

The loss of a front-facing camera is a decision that could come back to kick Motorola but it's certainly not the end of the world, for now though we'll say that from spending a short amount of time with the Moto E it certainly feels like a mid-range smartphone which is probably what Motorola is hoping for. Motorola Moto E review A dinky dialler that's got a lot to shout about Quelle: But while both those phones are cheap they're still more expensive than the Moto E.

It's undeniably basic but it looks good, has a decent screen and it runs well. At this price you can't ask for more than that. Its specs are more ordinary, its screen more commonplace. Generation Quelle: Das bedeutet nicht automatisch ein schlechtes Bildergebnis in der Praxis: Motorola Moto G 2. Generation erweist sich im Test als preiswertes Smartphone. Verarbeitung, Performance, Preis, sehr helles Display, ausdauernder Akku.

Vergleichsweise hohes Gewicht. It offers unprecedented design and decent hardware for the ultra-low asking price. You can do a lot with the Moto G too, so much so I hardly missed my allegedly superior Nexus 5 during testing. There are certain issues —— imaging, for instance —— that when experienced do highlight its budget-nature, but beyond these blemishes the handset itself is a fine example of just how far things have come in the mobile space; two years ago a handset with these attributes at this price was a pipe dream.

Motorola Moto G Review Quelle: Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen. On this second generation, Motorola solved its main problems: Being even more affordable than the first model, the Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen. Here is the latest and greatest Moto G from Motorola who smashed through the glass ceiling of SmartPhone pricing, with their first Moto G, then more recently a 4G offering also bearing Moto G name and now the latest Moto G.

Motorola has recently upgrading this excellent handset with the new second generation version which is available in single or dual SIM flavours with a choice of either 8GB or 16GB. Not at all. One, Motorola got it right the first time by offering a whole lot of value for a very small price — just a fraction of what other, comparable smartphones were.

Moto G , G2 Quelle: It won't sweep you off your feet, nor will it dazzle you with a slew of whizbang features. That's just fine, though.

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Because none of that changes the fact that the Moto G is still one of the best budget smartphones you can buy today. If you just need a smartphone to get the job done, the Moto G will do it for you, and it will do it right every time. Living with the Moto G How good can a budget phone be? If you want the best possible smartphone experience, a phone of this caliber isn't going to be for you. But when it comes to the budget phone realm, it absolutely doesn't get any better.

The best deal for the most people Quelle: But that could soon change with the company's sale to China's Lenovo and its building momentum towards becoming a major player worldwide. Long live the Moto G! More screen space and a much better camera are worthwhile upgrades.

The design language has been maintained to a good level, and improved in some ways as well. The fact you've got the option of dual front-facing speakers is really nice, although you don't get the performance found in the HTC One M8 or the Sony Xperia Z3. Baby steps Quelle: The smartphone offers a well-designed, solidly crafted hardware package, topped with up-to-date OS, which is bound to receive updates in a timely fashion.

We didn't think it was possible to create a better phone than the original Moto G, but the latest version of Motorola's unstoppable handset rightly claims its crown as the new king of budget smartphones. It wins a Best Buy award. Motorola Moto G 5 inch review - a great-value Android smartphone Quelle: All in all, this is a great-value Android phone. Take that money elsewhere and you will likely have to make compromises on elements like screen quality, performance and battery life. You don't do that with the Moto G. It might be a different story in 12 months time, but at the moment there are few phones that tick so many of the boxes.

Back in the Race Quelle: The 16GB versions of both phones are priced at Rs. Xiaomi's Mi 3 Review Pictures would have been a much bigger threat, but it isn't a true contender at the moment because it simply isn't available anymore. Motorola Moto G 4G Quelle: The competition it faces is much tougher than its predecessor and the Xiaomi Mi3 and Micromax Canvas Nitro both perform better than this device, while the Asus Zenfone 5 is another option to choose from. The only thing the new Moto G has over these devices is brand recognition.

It does give good value for your money. The lack of support for 4G will be a deal-breaker for some, though. It isn't without its rivals, but if you're specifically looking for a budget dual-SIM Android phone, it's a good choice. In that price range, though, the Nexus 5 is still a fantastic, inexpensive unlocked phone with a 5-inch screen, although it lacks a memory card slot. Like a lot of recent phones that have passed my desk the first puzzle is how the back comes off. This is an updated version of the excellent ground breaking mobile offering launched last year by Motorola.

A few of the missing items that people wanted included have been so what exactly does this updated phone have to offer? The same, but different Quelle: However, the edition isn't so much a "topper" but a rather delicious "topping. However, the lack of 4G, no processor upgrade nor a boost in screen resolution means it's arguably not as good value as the original Moto G was when it launched.

That's also because the new Moto G has considerably tougher competition to deal with. There are cheaper options if your budget won't stretch this far, but if you're specifically looking for a budget dual-SIM Android phone, it's a good choice. If you absolutely need 4G, then the revised first-generation Moto G is still a worthy contender.

Motorola Moto G hands on review Quelle: The new camera is the most exciting addition, followed by the microSD slot for up to 32GB of expandable memory which we've already seen on the Moto G 4G. But the bigger screen loses some pixel density and might impact on battery life. Either way, the 5in Moto G will no doubt still be fantastic bang for buck like the two smaller budget Motos. Just don't expect the 4. If only it had 4G. Bigger and better, but still affordable Quelle: Die Sprachsteuerung wird noch weiter ausgebaut. Motorola Moto X 2.

Kleiner Speicher, teurer Kaufpreis. Die Hardware ist zwar nicht in allen Belangen am neuesten Stand, das abgestimmte System, in Kombination mit der Sprachsteuerung und anderen praktischen Hilfestellungen macht das Moto X aber zum perfekten Begleiter im Alltag. Gen ist eher zwiegespalten. Sehr gute Verarbeitung; Sehr gute Leistung. Display etwas zu dunkel. Speicher nicht erweiterbar. Akku mit nur mAh. Gen im Test: Mobicroco Das Moto X 2. Der Ton wird ordentlich laut, aber eben nur in Mono ausgegeben.

Yes, it's more powerful and future-proof, but the Moto X still holds its ground. To sum things up, the HTC One M9 will woo customers with its sleek build and powerful hardware; meanwhile, the Moto X doesn't shine hardware-wise, but it still has what it takes to be an attractive and affordable alternative to a number of newer phones, the HTC One M9 included. The design is lovely, with a metal edge that exudes sturdiness, and a choice of rear materials that not only makes the phone lovely to look at, but also brilliant to hold, as well, with rubber, leather, and wood.

Motorola are one of the most up to date phone manufacturers, they seem to be first to update to the latest version of Android this is 4. As with the Moto G, reviewed earlier, the Moto X is now available as a second generation product. Overall, the Moto X is an excellent handset and if you're looking for a device with pure Android it's a toss up between this and the Nexus 5.

Motorola Moto X Android phablet Quelle: And to be fair the price reflects the less than cutting edge internals. The absence of a microSD card slot will be a deal breaker for some, the merely average run time from a full battery charge the same for others. And being a Motorola, even Lenovo-owned Motorola, you should get new versions of Android sooner rather than later. The plethora of customisation options are a nice addition too, letting you create a device that is truly yours. A decent upgrade for many people across the board, arguably.

So if you are into gaming, go for this handset. However, priced at Rs 33,, the phone doesn't feel premium. The battery performance is underwhelming. If you have any love for camera, stay away from the Moto X. Improved specs and useful extras, but short on storage options Quelle: Limited internal storage capacity and lack of MicroSD expansion are our main concerns.

Moto X vs. Droid Turbo: Which one's right for you? Think of it like this: The Moto X is the more mainstream phone that strikes a balance to provide the best all-around experience for most people. After having some hands-on time with the Moto X, we strongly encourage you to add this phone to your list of options. Motorola Moto X second gen review: A worthy successor to the original Moto X Quelle: It comes with a good display and the call quality is impressive.

Additional software features are definitely a value add. Battery life is decent enough, though not better than the Sony Xperia Z3 which gives almost two days on regular usage, if you activate the battery saver mode. Camera comes with its set of flaws, but it is good enough for sharing photos online. All in all, the Moto X 2nd gen is a good overall package and it is confirmed to get the Lollipop 5. Customizable, efficient with Android, and sporting a respectable camera, the Moto X is the Toyota Camry of smartphones. An uncluttered Android marvel Quelle: It offers great value for money as a flagship handset and even if you opt to customise with a leather or other finish using Moto Maker, you'll still be getting something more affordable than rivals - and something personal to you.

Overall, if you're looking for "the next Nexus 5" or are falling out of love with the likes of Samsung's cartoony TouchWiz and other manufacturers' heavy Android re-skins, then the Moto X could be the flagship phone for you.

199-Euro-Smartphone im t3n-Test: Ubuntu for Phone und das Aquaris E5 HD

In Depth Quelle: Finally, Motorola's made a phone that's truly deserving of its incredibly smart apps, and it can take on the rest of this year's flagship pack with ease. It may not be able to last quite as long as either the Galaxy S5 or the Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact, but we think its clever, useful apps more than make up for any deficiency in battery life. This makes it fantastic value, so it wins a Best Buy award. So Google's phone may lack the premium build quality and hi-res camera, but in most other respects it's a match for the Motorola at a significantly lower price.

What makes the new Moto X really attractive is Moto Maker, as it's unlikely anyone else will choose your combination of customisations. But it may also make it harder to resell when it's time to upgrade. It's just a shame that Motorola decided not to add a microSD slot: It's very good value for money, but many may be put off by its weaknesses. The bad camera and limited storage may very well affect its sales. The phone is every bit the performer in all other respects though. Stepping Up to a Bigger Game Quelle: They'll also have to consider carefully whether they can live with only 16GB of storage space.

If these hurdles can be surmounted, the Moto X Gen 2 looks like a pretty good deal. It doesn't quite kill the appeal of flagship phones in the neighbourhood of Rs. Given the relatively small price difference, you might choose to go with the S5 for its features and camera, or the Moto X to save some money. Moto X review: There is no justice in the world Quelle: And I haven't even mentioned the fact that it pairs nicely with the best smartwatch around, the Moto , or the upcoming Moto Hint smart Bluetooth earbud that we're still waiting to try out.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Moto X: Smartphone Face-Off Quelle: The S5 kept things competitive, though, winning many crucial rounds, including display, interface, camera and battery life. So, regardless of which phone you choose, you'll end up a winner. From its superior battery life, sharp camera quality, and its rich set of software features, the Galaxy S5 is without a doubt a few steps ahead of the Moto X.

Month after month, smartphone after smartphone, it simply has the rounded appeal and performance to be a choice winner amongst consumers. Considering all things, it makes plenty of sense why the iPhone 6 is already finding itself in a similar position of being king of the hill in the smartphone space. Motorola's new flagship smartphone proves that the reinvented company is listening to customer feedback with a bigger screen and aluminum metal frame, all for a price that's better than its competition.

It only half-listened the requests for a superior camera and didn't pay attention to anyone plea for a micro SD slot. Moto X Review 2nd Generation Quelle: That depends on what you need from a phone. If you want the best feeling phone of any flagship, one that can be customized to your liking, that still sports a p display and powerful Snapdragon processor, receives updates to new versions of Android faster than any other phone outside of a Nexus, and performs flawlessly through stock Android while managing to perform tasks no other Android phone is capable of thanks to a Moto suite of apps, then yes, it might be the best Android phone of the year.

Moto X deep-dive review: Android done right Quelle: The phone has a distinctive and customizable design with the option of interesting materials like leather and wood. It has an outstanding display, superb performance and a fast and easy-to-use camera that's capable of capturing great-looking photos. Like Star Trek , it sacrifices some of the principles of its forerunner in its quest for greater mass appeal. Its quest to stand out from the pack has led to an aesthetic that cries out to be noticed, at the cost of some subtlety.

Say hello to the best Android phone in the world Quelle: It feels great to hold; the phone is 9. Moto X Review: Finally, a true Motorola flagship Quelle: Its predecessor built a solid reputation among those "in the know" for its clean Android build and useful features, but its plastic casing and underwhelming display left it overshadowed on store shelves by rival devices. Finally a flagship phone worthy of a Motorola comeback Quelle: It has taken the company quite awhile to really figure out the smartphone market. Have it your way Quelle: Unlike last year's iteration that left us asking for more screen real estate and chipset oomph, the setup of this year's model will surely appeal to even the most demanding Android users.

The camera isn't too shabby either - 4K video capture and easy launch gesture make capturing memories in quality manner easy even for those who are not particularly crazy about tech. I also love the rich p display, though it could be brighter. Bigger display, metal frame, and fabulous Motorola experiences make it the best Android Quelle: I would like to have seen a better camera and improved battery life, but Moto took it a bit further with a larger display and improved internal specs.

Thankfully they also enhanced the end-user experience and even added another choice for customization. The Moto X is easily part of the group, too. Its metal frame is gorgeous, its 5. Hands on: The first things you notice about the new Moto X Quelle: Some people prefer large screens, and that's fine -- but a lot of folks want a phone that's actually comfortable to hold and carry. And with its 4. Outdoor pictures looked sharp with both cameras, albeit with slightly muted colors, and p video looked smooth and appropriately stabilized.

But overall indoor performance in lower light was less impressive in my tests; the Moto X struggled to lock focus and took a number of blurry shots. The same goes for the front-facing camera; the 2-megapixel sensor doesn't have the power of the 5-megapixel HTC One M8's, and in low light indoors, animation on the display fell to under two frames per second. The iPhone 5s fared much better, and locked focus on percent of the same shots. Motorola Moto X Gen 2: An Impressive Upgrade Quelle: